Friday, July 8, 2011


Usually Friday's are a favorite.
Most of the time I only work half days
and the whole day is happy because you know you're about
to get a few days break from the norm :)

But today wasn't like that.
It was exhausting,
and long
and hot.
(SO hot. Texas broke some records today with
how hot it got. It was 106 at about 4PM.
When I checked the temperature and saw that, I was out running errands
in a car that we can't use the air conditioning in.
I thought maybe I was gonna have a heat stroke.)

I leave for Colorado for 2 and 1/2 weeks at 5AM
tomorrow morning, and there were just not enough hours in this day
to get everything done that needed to get done before I leave.

But--I'm mostly packed, and it's not even midnight yet.
So that in itself is a small miracle.

And everything else...will get done somehow.
Eventually ;)

Yes, we joined the masses at chic-fil-a tonight,
dressed as cows, to get a free sandwich ;)

Soooo close to having everything checked off.

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