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The challenge:  1 year.  365 days in a row. 1 self portrait & 1 picture of the day.  
Each picture has to be different than all the others, no repeats, and I'm going to blog all 730 of them.  And I have to print every single one to put in my "picture journal" for 2011.

The goal:  1 whole year documented, and journaled in a new and different way.  

The reason:  Because it sounds fun?  And challenging?
Actually it's more than that.  I'm sad to say I'm a horrible journaler.  I try to keep up, and write about things I know I will want to remember for a long long time but it never ends up happening.  So I'm left hoping I can rely on my brain to keep up with all the exciting things happening around me.
So this is my attempt to do journaling in a way that comes alot more naturally to me--pictures.
And because I wanted the challenge of having to take, and edit, 2 pictures every single day for a whole year.  I want to be pushed to think creatively with how I document my life over the next 365 days.

The name:  Authentic is my one word this year, and it seemed like a fitting title for this project. Here is where you will (hopefully) find bits and pieces of my "authentic" life.

"I can't write stories, only moments, because I think in photographs..."

Much Love.
Jessica Shae

[picture above was taken this fall during one of my first attempts to take a really good self portrait.]