Saturday, July 9, 2011


I flew to one of my favorite states this morning
at 7:25 AM to be exact.
Which meant that I was up at 4:40,
so I could leave for the airport by 5.

And I aaaalmost missed my flight. 
I weighed my bags before I left the house and found out that
it was overweight by about 5 lbs.
Stuffed a few things into my carry on and hoped that it's enough.
On the way to the airport our car overheated,
and we had to stop and put water in it.
I get to the airport and find out that my bag is stiiilll 3 lbs overweight
so more cramming of random peices of clothing into my carry on.
I get to security and they pull my suitcase to unpack and inspect
because all of my camera equipment looks suspicious I guess.
By the time I got all the way through security it was 8 minutes until
my flight was supposed to leave.

So if any of you happened to be in Dallas, love field airport
yesterday, you would have seen a short blonde girl running
as fast as she could while dragging about 40 lbs of equipment
behind her to get to her gate in time.

And guess what?
I made it :)

And then I got to spend the rest of the day hanging
out with my "colorado family."

It's been a whole year since I've seen this beautiful happy to be back :)

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