Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Traveling 1,000 mi. with two of your best friends
is bound to be a memory making experience.
Today has not disapointed ;)

There are far to many funny stories to be documented here but the highlights are
I had to sit on a pillow all day when I drove the truck,
because I was to short to see over the steering wheel.

We drove the first 700+ mi of our trip
without realizing our hood was popped,
and we only figured it out because a kind man driving down the freeway
started gesturing frantically at us as he drove past.

But, we made it to Franklin Indiana safe and sound
and we're staying with my Evy friend tonight,
and hanging out with her all day tomorrow,

p.s. for all of you who have been commenting, emailing, and txting
me, worried about Whit's little brother John, and the cat...
John was found about a mile down the road riding the tractor with
his uncle, and the cat is still living.  We think.


  1. Hey Jessica, just found your blog and I love it! You've got a new follower/every day reader :)


  2. Sounds like your having so much fun! And thats really funny about the pillow :p

    enjoy the rest of your time :)