Wednesday, May 11, 2011


trip day #2.

We slept in.
Evy made us a scrumptious breakfast.
We walked down to her little town and went shopping.
We packed a little picnic lunch and went to the beach.
We laid on the beach for two hours, talking 'till we were blue
in the face and gettting nice and broooown ;)
We drove suuuuper fast through very hilly country roads
so that we could make it back to Starbucks for happy hour
(I may have run a red light in my hurring--accidently!)
We made it...with about 4 minutes to spare ;)

Then Whit, Amanda, and I packed up and headed out
for the last 3 hours of our trip...
that because of missed turns,
impromptu photoshoots in country fields,
a GPS that stopped working,
and a showdown with chipotle employees who overcharged us for our dinner
ended up turning into 6 hours.

And pulled into Goshen Indiana at about 12PM tonight
extremely grumpy and tired.
(not kidding...we were all so grumpy, it was amusing ;)

Traveling's so much fun :)

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