Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There are some days that go so fast you
come to the end of them and wonder how 16 hours
could possibly go so fast.
I somehow managed to stay extremely busy all day
and yet still have a to-do list that looks like it
hasn't been touched.

But at least I took care of the important things
like, taking pictures of me in my
cowboy boots.

I wore them all day long, and as I was sitting at
my desk this afternoon working
I kept sniffing the air to smell that wonderful
leather smell.
Can I just live in a tack shop someday please???


  1. Can I just say...I want your boots.

  2. ooooh jessica!!!!!!!! complete adorable-ness. and maybe i luv them so because I have some exactly like them :) no, they are just plain amaazing! you go!

  3. Flat toe are the adorablest! :P haha LOVE em! and i know whatcha mean about smellin leather!!!! :D :D *sigh* isnt it just amazing?! :)

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHH love your boots! the pink accents are just perfect!

  5. Love those boots, girl! Okay, now you can come to Stevens County, and they'll love you to death.

    You can definitely share that tack room with my little sis... the one who keeps her saddle in my bedroom!!! Yes, I do sleep with a saddle in my bedroom... I love the country. Sure.

  6. @Hannah, i have a saddle in my bedroom too!!! :P I love its smell! Its a rlly old of my grandpas! :)