Thursday, January 27, 2011


Oh today was so lovely.
Worked like a beaver all morning and into the
afternoon, and felt like it should be 5 by about
2:30 in the afternoon if the amount
of work I had gotten done meant anything.
I love productive days.

It got up to 63 degrees today, in January!
I opened the windows and enjoyed the
springlike breezes blowing through my window.

I'm SO ready for Summer.
And guess what the weather forecast is for tomorrow???
High of 70.
clap clap clap...somebody's gonna be working on
a tan tomorrow afternoon ;)

Tonight, homemade corn chowder for dinner
the grandparents are over
and we're watching secretariat!


  1. is that you with straight hair?? :D Funn
    70 degrees!! Wow...i want Summer too! :) and secretariat is one of my fav movies ever! :) love it!

  2. heyyy. blow some of that summer my way, pleeeaaazzzzzeeee? =)