Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My grandmother called up about 11:30 this
morning and asked if we'd like to meet
her at Steak-&-Shake for lunch.
Aren't grandmothers just the best???
We spent an hour and a half laughing until our sides hurt
and stuffing our bellies full of steakburgers, and milkshakes.

The other highlight of my day was getting to check
off #35 on my dream list:
"Buy a pair of legit cowboy boots."
Helloooo happiness :)

I'm maybe kind of really really really really SO happy about what came inside this box.
This is one of the most exciting purchases I have ever made, outside of my camera.
I might just let you have a peek at their beauty tomorrow :)


  1. I looooove cowboy boots! My grandfather bought me a black pair with fringe around the top, last Christmas. :) I adore them.
    Although, around here (Maryland), people sometimes give me weird looks when I wear them. I just smile and walk away. :)

  2. i have quite a few pair of cowboy boots...different styles, colors, and brands! LOVE em all! and wear em everywhere...with anything...any season! :P :D Ariat is a great brand! Cant wait to see whats INSIDE that box! :) Enjoy em!

  3. Ariat is the best brand! Have a pair of their "Fat Baby Boots" and love them!