Monday, February 20, 2012


Since The Boy had today off
we decided to celebrate my birthday together a day early.
So we spent the day happily together...
we went out in the blustery wind
to a park and walked around the pond
holding hands and laughing hysterically at each other.
He dared me to walk along the top of this tiny brick wall
that was built over the pond,
I took the dare (obvs) and didn't fall in ;)
We had lunch in downtown mckinney at this
adoooorable little sandwich and soup place
called "spooners."
It was delish :)
Afterwards we came home and made red velvet cake
in this pretty little red heart shaped cake pan
that The Boy's momther had bought for us
for Valentines day.

In all it's simplicity, it was,
by far the absolute best birthday of my life :)

 The Boy sketched this amazing portrait for me,
it was based off of a picture that Allix B. took of us last weekend.
Probably my favorite gift that I've ever received.

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