Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today after church 3 of my dear sweet friends
asked if they could take me to starbucks for a pre-birthday date.
We had so much fun catching up on each others lives--
talking about photography, work, school,
and everything in between :)
I'm always so blessed whenever I get to spend
any amount of time with these three sisters.
I mentioned to them today that I don't think I've ever
hung out with them anywhere without one of them
paying for my lunch, or buying me a starbucks drink.

Meagan, Mellisa, and Sarah,
y'all are some of the dearest sweetest friends,
and I'm grateful for you!!!

And as if that hadn't made the day lovely enough already,
The Boy has tomorrow off for Presidents Day
so he came tonight and is staying until tomorrow night!
Woohoo! :)

 p.s. on the way home from church I look in the backseat to see our resident comedian
(a brother who shall remain nameless) dressed like this.
Goodness gracious life is fun with these kidlets.


  1. What a nice off the shoulder number. Hahaha

  2. Awww, we had such a lovely time with you too, dear friend, and loved getting to help celebrate your birthday a few days early!:-) You are such a dear and we love you! :-)