Friday, February 17, 2012


As if we hadn't already had our fair share
of fun exciting dates this month,
today The Boy calls me and tells me that
someone had just offered him tickets to go see
"The Wicked Divas" perform at Bass Hall tonight and
"...would I be interested in going??"

I was ecstatic.
I've wanted to see the Broadway "Wicked"
for ages now, and this was the next best thing for sure!
The two women who played the leads in Wicked
were going to be singing several songs from Wicked,
and a lot of other songs from famous Broadways,
with the Ft. Worth Symphony.

It was amaaaazing.
Seriously it was one of the most
fantastic performances I've ever seen live.
I've been two Bass Hall twice before,
once to see Yo-Yo Ma perform a few years ago,
and then last Christmas with The Boy to see The Nutcracker.
Both times I sat in about the same spot,
way up in the top balconies.
But tonight the tickets that Josh was given were for super nice seats,
we were right on the floor only about 20 rows back from the front!

So blessed :)

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