Wednesday, February 15, 2012


After piano lessons this morning I came home
and attempted to get some work done before
finally giving up and spending the rest of the afternoon
getting ready for my exciting surprise date night.
It was a surprise in that I had no clue what we were doing
I only knew where and when to meet The Boy
and then he was going to take it from there.

I had to leave kind of early
(it takes sooo long to get to his side of town--
especially in traffic time!)
and he had stressed to me the importance of being there
right when he got off work because we were on a tight schedule.

Once I'd met up with The Boy,
I got in his car and we took off,
and I still had no clue what was going on :)

He knows I adore surprises, and was making
it more fun by dragging out the suspense :)

Our first stop was at this cute little mediterranean place
where the food was different and delicious.
(He also knows that despite the fact that, according to him,
I'm picky, I looove trying new places.
Anything that constitutes an adventure--I'm there :)

We left dinner with me still clueless as to what the real surprise was
and after driving around downtown Ft. Worth a little bit
we finally pulled up at the Ft. Worth Museum of Modern Art.

At this point I was reaaaally confused because
I'd had a few vague ideas of what he might be planning,
and NONE of them involved a modern art museum.
I began racking my brain for what on earth we could be doing
and kept coming up blank :P

We went inside,
the whole time The Boy was cracking up
over my anticipation,
he picked up our tickets at the front desk
and we walked over to get in line.
I stiiiilll had no clue what was going on,
and was getting more confused by the minute.
We stood in line with a bunch of other people
for about 20 minutes, most of them were older,
and a lot of them were slightly hippie looking...
My mind was running wild with the possibilities
of what on earth we were doing.
There were no signs or posters up anywhere giving
any sort of indication of what we might be about to see.

The surprise was finally revealed when
someone started passing out programs and
I saw that we were about to hear George Winston play live!

I was waaaay excited and totally surprised--
that had definitely not crossed my mind as a possibility :)
George Winston has been my favorite pianist ever since I was a little girl.
I've listened to his CD "December" more than any other CD I own.

It was the absolute best night ever,
our seats were right in the middle and only 4 rows back,
The Boy is the dearest thing in the world!

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