Thursday, January 19, 2012


For the past month or so I've been on the hunt for a car,
not super aggressively, but with the hopes that
I'd have one by my birthday (next month.)

So I was sitting reading my bible this morning when my Papa
called and said that he'd found a car that he thought I should look at.
He's a car whole-saler so he'd been on the lookout
for a good one in my price range.
My dad and I drove an hour to Rockwall,
drove the car, I fell in love with it,
haggled on the price,
and I bouuuughhhtt it!

So now I'm the happy owner of a
Mercedes c230 Kompressor.
I spent most of the day filling out paper work
and doing "Ijustboughtacar" kinds of things.

And of course tonight I had to drive it out to show The Boy
and we celebrated the purchase with dinner at panera.

So excited and so grateful for this blessing!

Apparently Panera's music wasn't good we played our own ;)


  1. those cars are the best! I have a 1985 300SD Mercedes.. its diesel and wonderful! Enjoy your new car!

  2. Ooo I like his cardigan!