Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today was like a day long date with the boy...
I knew he was coming over but wasn't sure what time
and was awakened at a little before ten
( know...Iiiii am a lazy bum)
by a text message from him saying "omw".
Boy speak that is translated "On my way"
not to be confused with "Oh my word".
Which has definitely happened several times :)

He had some schoolwork and workwork to do, 
I had some workwork to do as well...
funny how I enjoy answering emails and editing
so much more when I'm sitting on the couch
next to him while doing those things ;)

And tonight he took me on a "dape."
(what Benjamin and I used to call
dates when we were little:)
We had dinner at Olive Garden where I stuffed
myself full of breadsticks, salad,
and chicken parmigiana.
Which btw, is pronounced
chicken parmigian, not chicken parmigian-UH.
You live and you learn...

And then we went and saw War Horse!
One of the prettiest movies I've seen in a long time...

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