Friday, January 13, 2012


I got to go to Sam and Lawsons
basketball games tonight.
I don't get to go to very many since they're
usually really far away and I'm usually
still working when they leave for the games.

Lawsons team (the ten and under A team)
is just the cutest thing in the world to watch.
They're all so little but so good...

We ran to Quiktrip in between games
for $1 hot dogs and taquitos.
Quiktrip is just one of my favorite places ever.
Their cheerful upbeat employees that always say
"see ya next time!" whenever you leave,
their super clean happy stores, their endless options of drinks,
and $1 taquitos + hot dogs... 
(hot dogs for the people who eat hot dogs, NOT me)
how much better could it get?!

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