Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today was the day I've been counting down to
for the last 2+ weeks.
I picked up The Boy from the airport this morning
and spent the rest of the day smiling from ear to ear
just because I got to be near him again.
We had lunch together, watched a movie,
and then tonight we got to have dinner with Bethany and Dan.
(who we've decided to sometimes call "bil," short for brother in law.)
They're only in town for 2 days, so we're going to make
the most of their time here :)

Oh happy day, The Boy and is back in
the same state as me :)

Every now and then we practice our attractive faces,
just to make sure we've still "got it."

Dan & Bethany brought me a Christmas present and it was
this DARLING lens mug that I've wanted for a while...isn't it the cutest?


  1. Your cute mugs and the mug are all lookin' good! :)
    Ok, one thing I noticed here, see I'm O.C.D. about a lot of things, and I'm SURE Josh has not appropriately passed this little tidbit onto you. It has to be Daniel & Bethany or Dan & Beth. It hurts my brain when they're mixed, like Daniel & Beth or Dan & Bethany, because the lengths don't match. Freaky, I know, just freaky. Do you feel the same about Joshua & Jessica / Josh & Jess?

  2. Haha! My siblings and I do that all the time!!