Sunday, January 1, 2012


The first day of a new year always feels
rather nostalgic and special to me.
Thinking back over all the unexpected twists and turns
my life's taken over the past year
and imagining all the possibilities
that the coming year holds.

One of my favorite quotes is from
Elizabeth Browning and she says:
"Dwell in possibility."
I loooove that perspective.
I realize that there should be a balance
to everything, and that I probably
hang out a little to much on the
castles in the sky dreamland side of things,
but goodness,
it's just so much fun sometimes I can't help it :)

And so on this one day a year I allow
myself to over-indulge in dreaming about
all the possibilities and "what ifs"
the next year holds for me.

Happy Happy thoughts indeed :)

Oh hey Luke...hey.

My absolutely adorable new winter dress shoes that I'm in love with.


  1. very cute shoes :) where did you get them?? and btw I love dreaming too :)

  2. OH my goodness those shoes are adorable!!
    By the way, so glad to see you're continuing your Authentic posts! I've really enjoyed reading them over the past year. :-)

  3. If we lived close, I would borrow those shoes.