Friday, December 9, 2011


Today was just the loooveliest of days.

I went shopping and out to lunch with
3 dear friends who I hadn't hung out with in forever
and we had so much fun talking
and catching up on life in general in between
trying on clothes and eating delicious soup from Panera.

Then it was time to get home so that I could
spend hours (just kidding, only like, one hour)
getting ready for my super fun date tonight.

And what was the super fun date??
Ohhh, well.  Lemme tell ya.

The Boy and I went with two other couples
to see the Nutcracker Ballet downtown :)
We had dinner at an adorable little italian bistro
in sundance square and then walked through the Christmas lights
to Bass Hall for the Nutcracker.
And then afterwards we walked in the freezing cold
to the cutest little gelato shop where we got, uh, gelato.
Chocolate hazelnut for muah, and mint chocolate chip for The Boy.

That Boy of the best :)

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