Thursday, September 15, 2011


There's something about the changing of the seasons
that gets me all excited about cleaning,
getting organized, and decorating.

We had the windows open this morning
and it was so gorgeous and happy
I got all excited to re-organize my room
and start getting fall decor out.

I spent the whole afternoon going through
some boxes of my stuff that I'd found in the garage recently,
cleaning out my closet, and underneath my bed.
About halfway through the process my room
looked like a war zone...
why must things get so dirty before they can get really clean?

I got a little side-tracked when I found a box of old memories...
old school notebooks, and stuffed animals,
my key-chain collection (remember when that was cool?)
and journals from when I was about 8 or 9--
Oh my goodness, talk about histerical.
I started reading some of it to my mom and sister
and we were rolling with laughter.
I was such an amusing child.

But it is now spotlessly clean,
my pumpkin spice and vanilla hazelnut candles are lit,
my cute little glass pumpkin collection is sitting out,
and the beautiful marigolds that I potted
this afternoon are smiling happily at me.

Happy (almost) Fall!

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