Sunday, May 1, 2011


Weekends with Whit are never without adventure.
Tonight after church we decided to brave the TORRENTIAL
rainstorm and go to panda + starbucks.
I got to listen to Whit repeatedly ask the panda employee
"what do you put in your kung-pow-chicken?"
And he kept replying with
"It's chicken, would you like to try some?!"

Whit's sarcastic reply to me later was...
"No I don't want to try it, it'd probably kill me,
why do you think I need to know what's in it?!"

Then on our way into starbucks she managed to find the deepest
puddle in the parking lot to wade through and had to spend
about 10 minutes in the bathroom blow-drying her shoes.

As ridiculous as she is, I kinda like her ;)

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  1. Aaah, I LOVE that self portrait of you! And the picture of you and Whitney is a winner :D