Saturday, April 30, 2011


Saturday is the only morning in the week
I can sleep in guilt free.
I sleep in other mornings sometimes, but I always
wake up with a guilty conscience, whereas Saturdays I almost
feel guilty if I get up any earlier than 8:30 ;)
Sleep is such a lovely thing.

Tonight was Rachel's end of year soccer party
and it was held out on this super cool ranch.
Activities included
horseback, dune buggie, dirt bike, and four wheeler riding.
Canoeing, yummy food, and fun people :)

Aaaand, the happiest part of my day
as of 10:41 PM
whit, snitserdoodle, whitty-poo, whit-a-lini,
(aka: whitney michelle hall)
is heeeere for the weekend.

Dream front porch view right here folks.

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  1. Ooohhh... I am so taking that view for myself. Thank you.