Friday, February 25, 2011


Huge confession--
I have no self portrait for today :(

I do have some good excuses tho...
I spent half the day flying to Vegas
and the other half walking my shorty legs off
walking all over creation meeting up with
photographers, and going to sessions
at WPPI.
(Wedding & Portrait Photographers International)

And, quite honestly, I thought I had taken a
self portrait earlier in the day, only to find two days
later when I downloaded all my pictures, that
I hadn't :P

And I was so determined not to forget even one single day :P

Oh, and p.s. the reason I haven't posted all week isn't because I
forgot, but because the hotel that I was at for the convention
charged $100 A DAY for wifi.
No thank you, I'll just stick with my iphone.
So I'm catching up now ;)

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