Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Helloooo birthday month!
I love birthday's, and I think that the celebration should
last longer than a day.
I'm currently lobbying for at least a week long celebration.
That doesn't seem to excessive does it??
So glad you agree ;)

Texas got hit with the winter nastiness that it seems everyone all
over got hit with today.
It's absolutely crazy that 3 days ago I was outside in
my bathing suit getting a tan in 74 degree weather
and today I was outside ice-skating in the
street in 14 degree weather.

And while I CANNOT WAIT for Summer to
get here, I'm still a fan of having a few days of "real" winter
to enjoy.
hot chocolate.
lots of book reading.
movie watching.
sledding (on boogie boards--Texas style;).
chili for dinner.

I guess winter has a few perks ;)

p.s. I didn't post this yesterday, but the pictures were taken yesterday ;)
Our power has been going in and out, so it's been hit or miss with the internet.


  1. Your self portrait is really cute just like you :)

  2. I love that hat... with the curl over the edge! =) Haha, now you're getting a taste of a real winter!!! It's... ummm... zero here.