Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear postman,
after 8 months of thinking you were just
a nice old man
that all quickly changed after you asked
to feel my hair,
then asked if I was in love,
if you could have my number,
"would I like to go to best buy with you to help you pick out your camera??"

I'm currently looking for a new post office to frequent.

p.s. one whole month - completed ;)

So so in love with the latest J. Crew catalogue. So much inspiration to soak up!


  1. You growing your highlights out? Looks good :D

  2. J Crew Chino's are awesome. I have several and even if they go out of style I am going to wear them~!

  3. Wow that is a really freaky story!

    Is your hair naturally straight or curly?

    I really really love this blog! Someday I want to do a project like this. Keep it up! :)

  4. haha... Rachel G., actually my hair color is completely natural, I don't highlight or color it :P It just looks like I do because my roots always grow out darker and then slowly lighten. My hair gets especially light in the summer, so in the winter it looks like I haven't retouched my roots or something ;)

    And Rachel C. my hair is naturally curly, I just straighten it every now and then for a change of pace :)

  5. oh dear. :( awkward story! that's too bad!

    anyway, I've SO enjoyed your pictures this month! you are inspiring me. I'm trying to do a picture a day, but am not brave enough to do a self-portrait a day too, not yet anyway. ;) I need to learn to do them better before I set a goal like that. Ha! =)

  6. Whoa!! That's awesome! Forgive me for thinking you highlighted it! Lol.

  7. haha...oh you don't need to apologize! People think that alllll the time, because it really does look like it ;)

  8. What a presumptuous guy! Did he know you from anywhere else?

    BTW, you're hair looks really cute straightened! Well, it looks cute curly too. You're always cute, Jessica! ;)

  9. My hair is the same way, Jessica! My roots are dark and then i have really light (natural) highlights! more so in th sun bleaches my hair!

  10. Oh no! All this time you just thought he was interested in cameras. :-( Sorry about that. :-) J Crew is great.