Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sick Day #2.
I tried pretending I wasn't sick for half of the day, ran errands, did some work
and ended up feeling even worse :P
Not to mention that in my dazed fuzzy headed state I managed
to somehow leave my keys in the ignition TWICE while I ran
into a store.
I should not be allowed in public while on cold meds ;)
So back to home, to curl up in bed
try and do a little bit of brainstorming for my internships
watch office re-runs
and journal.
Oh yes, and consume lots of lots of hot soup ;)

Random story from my day--
I always go to the same little post office run by
one older gentleman.
He likes to talk and over the past 6-8 months we've
become friends, and he jokes about how
he wants to second shoot a wedding with me
Today I came in and he immediately started asking my
opinion on this camera he wants to buy,
and even asked if I could come behind the desk to look it
up on the computer and tell him what I thought about
the price, etc.

It totally made my day ;)


  1. Love it! What a cool story!

    P.S. Just shot you an e-mail ;)

  2. umm, love-love-love-love-LOVE your pictures. :D how do you take such stinkin' cool ones? teach meeeee. ;)

    oh, and I want a cute little tiny post office like yours. it sounds amazing! most every summer we go to my aunt & uncle's place at the lake, and I love going to their little post office cause it's kind like that - so personable and reminds me of small-town America I didn't know existed...I love it. :)

  3. I like that self portrait very much; it makes your eyes look amazing :) And I LOVE LOVE the second picture! What's more beautiful than sunshine pouring into a window to rest on an arrangement of flowers sitting on top of a stack of books!! <3 (by the way, what books are those? :) )