Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Spent the day getting sicker and sicker.
Stuffy nose.
Sore throat.
Watery eyes.
And therefore got very little work done.
My brain didn't seem to want to work.

But on the upside, I painted my nails the prettiest pink.
And really, how can you not help but feel a little
better when your nails are pink??

Don't laugh...I'm not good at doing serious, but I'm trying to change it up a little ;)

All day I dreamt of eating something warm and soft on my throat.
Ramen is one of the best comfort foods evaaaah.

1 comment:

  1. {hugs} poor girl. :( sorry you're getting sick. I've had the flu for days and it has been ever so miserable. There was one day I was so sick that I couldn't lift up my head much less take a picture for the day, and that was sad. :( You look good for being sick - take that a as a compliment too! And hurry up & get well! I'll say a prayer that God will heal you speedily. :)