Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Boy and I went to his old church in Dallas today
to visit his friends there...
There's a little girl, named Ashley,
that comes to church with her grandmother,
and ever since I started visiting the church with The Boy
she's decided we're good friends and is always so excited when I come.
She's been wanting to go ice-skating with The Boy and I
ever since we told her last fall that we'd take her sometime.
(She loves to ice-skate, but she lives with her grandmother
who can't take her because of a bad back.)
So yesterday when she ran up to us to say hi
some of the first words out of her mouth
were to ask if we could go ice-skating.
The Boy and I didn't have any definite plans
for the afternoon so we said that we could :)

After lunch with two of the sweet older people
in the church that The Boy is good friends with,
we went ice-skating with Ashley at the galleria...
the last time I'd ice-skated there
was my 11th birthday :)

The Boy and I  competed to see who could fall the least
and we both made it to the very end of the day without falling...
about five minutes before we were done Ashley fell
and Josh was holding her hand so he went down too.
I, of course gave him a hard time about the fact that
he'd fallen and I hadn't,
and not 3 minutes later Ashley fell again and this time I was
the one holding her hand, aaaand fell hard on my rump.
The Boy had the cutest triumphant grin on his face
when I looked up at him...
(after making sure I was ok, of course)

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