Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Boy has been looking for a new church for a while,
and finally found one that he likes
so this morning he asked me to go to church with him
so I could visit the church as well.

We had chipotle for lunch,
(he shares my deep affinity for that place--
we're kindred spirits I tell ya)
and then spent most of the afternoon at starbucks...
where I tried not to just fall asleep on his shoulder,
because I was so tired.

Tonight one of Josh's best friends, Ben, proposed to
his girlfriend of several years,
and we helped them celebrate the happy occasion afterwards
at Ben's house with some of their other close friends and family.
It was such a sweet happy time...
It was only the second time that I've gotten to hang out
with that particular group of Josh's friends,
and I loved every minute, they're all so much fun!

Oh, and to top off all the other fun-ness...
it snowed tonight :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh how fun! I hadn't heard the news about Ben...very exciting to get to celebrate with them on their happy day!!! :) YEAH!