Wednesday, February 8, 2012


23 years ago today,
The coolest Boy in the world was born.
And by "coolest" I mean everything
that is wonderful and amazing.

I took him on a date tonight to celebrate.
(being the gentleman that he is, he always takes ME on dates--
but tonight it was his turn to be taken)
We went to dinner,
and then drove downtown for the rest of the evening
where we walked around in all the prettiness for a while,
laughing, teasing each other,
and having oh so much fun.
Seriously, we walked around for about an hour,
in the cold, not doing anything in particular
and somehow managed to have an inordinate amount of fun.
Then we had dessert, and went to see a movie in a super old
movie theater downtown...
The movie was stuuuupid,
but I'm certainly not going to complain
about getting to sit next to my favorite person
for two hours while holding his hand.

Happy Birthday, Boy.
I kind of like you ;)

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