Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm wringing out these last few days
of everyone being home and nooo work!

The whole famfam went to lunch at chipotle today
and ate OUTside because it was so gorgeously warm.
Seriously, if it hadn't of been for the slightly chilly breeze
I would have run home to go lay out by the pool. :)

Had a doctors app. this afternoon to have my stitches removed
(first stitches ever!)
and it was really weird/gross feeling.

My doctors office is riiiiight across the street from IKEA
and I've been searching for a new desk chair for a while now so...
I went to IKEA where I found the exact kind of chair I've been wanting
and I also bought a new comforter.
After that it became a little bit of a
"if you give a mouse a cookie scenario"
because after buying the new chair and comforter
I of course needed some new throw pillows to go
with the comforter which reminded me that
I had a gift card to bed bath and beyond so
I had to go there next to look for some
cute accessories :)

I came home and while assembling my chair realized
that I am absolutely terrible at using a screw driver and wrench
and Sam had to come rescue me and basically finish the chair himself.
It felt pretty lame that I couldn't figure out 6 bolts/screws all by myself,
but I'm grateful for brothers who are smart about those things :)

Then of course two of the boys decided that they absolutely HAD
to have a haircut at 9 PM, so we bartered back rubs for haircuts
and made it happen :)

Life is just so much fun :)


  1. this was hilarious to read. loved it!

  2. your bros are too school for cool ;) and stitches?? really?? eeep! I never knew you were a-hurted :( getting them taken out iiiisss a creepy feeling :P

  3. Love love the chair! Maybe we SHOULD have looked there for those end tables! By the way, I love the If You Give series and find nothing wrong at all with acting out a circular story in real life, especially if you use it to teach Emma a literacy lesson in the meantime. :) Love it.

  4. I love the authentic, friend-next-door feeling I get from this post! :)