Friday, December 30, 2011


Today all the boys went golfing
and the girls went to the American Girl store in Dallas.
I remember the first time I went to the American Girl store
in Chicago, and I was completely enamored with it all...
But good grief, that place is just a little bit overwhelming.
Two whole stories of dolls, and clothes, and accessories.
Everyone met back at Grandmommy and Pa's house
for Pizza and football/movie tonight :)

It was funny because yesterday Mollie got out
and was lost for most of the afternoon.
We eventually found her because someone had put up
"found dog" signs all over the neighborhood.

Then tonight some neighborhood boys
brought a tiny white puppy to our door
and said they found her in the alley
so we took her and said we'd try to find the owners.

We took a picture, made signs, and started putting them up
and within 5 minutes of mom putting the first one up
the owners called us asking where we were because it was their dog.

It was nice to be able to help someone else
the same way someone had just helped us :)

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