Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Boy's Family is here!!

They drove in from Indiana this afternoon
and we spent the rest of the day hanging out,
throwing the frisbee and baseball,
(Jeremy is super impressed with
my baseball throwing skills:)
eating, talking, and opening presents :)

The Boy's family had bought and packed
several presents for me and I got to open them all tonight.
Jeremy (The Boy's brother) gave me a hard time
all afternoon about how they didn't have any room for their
suitcases on the way down here because my presents
took up all the room in the trunk.

I am now the owner of a lot of Michigan Wolverines apparel
(i.e. two t-shirts, a snuggie, and a hoodie)
But don't you worry, I'm still a Longhorn first and foremost
but I'm also quickly becoming one of Michigan's
biggest fans :)
They also gave me a whole picnic set,
basket, dishes, blanket, etc.
to use when The Boy and I go on picnic dates.
Cutest thing ever!

Disclaimer: I didn't take this picture. 
But it's my absolute fav from the day so I'm breaking the rules :)

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