Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

After getting up at 4:20 to take the Boy
to the airport
(I must really like that guy or something)
I came back, took a little nap,
and then got ready for two more
Thanksgiving celebrations!
The first was with mimi's (my dad's mom) side of the family
and the second was with
grandmommy and pa (my mom's parents).

The cowboys (who I could really care less about)
and the Longhorns (who I definitely care about)
both won today, and they both won with
a field goal in the last few moments of the game.

Today is a day of giving thanks
and while there are so many things
that I could (obviously) be grateful for,
I won't post them all here.
I'll just touch on one thing that I've been
mulling over a lot the past few days:
I'm grateful for a God who gives good gifts,
always and only.
Like Psalm 16 says:
"My goodness is nothing apart from you..."

Oh, and guess what else?
We have now entered the guilt free
listen to Christmas music as much as you want zone :)

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