Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, today was fun :)

The Boy's car is in the shop this week
which means that he has no car until Friday
(and possibly longer)
That means that he has no way of getting out
and getting things he might need.
I cooked up a fun little plan.
I went grocery shopping this morning,
then came home and made oatmeal raisin cookies,
then ran to piano lessons real quick,
then came home and made a yummy dinner for the Boy,
then I packed it (the dinner + all the groceries) all up and
drove out there to fill his pantry with yumm-ness.

It was so much fun.
And as it turns out he didn't have to go work today
(I wasn't originally planning on him being there,
I was just going to drop it all off and leave)
but he was there and as a little thank you he took me
adventuring in the wilderness.

Ok, not quite wilderness...but almost :)

See?  Wilderness.

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