Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Highlight of today?
My size original peanut butter mood
from Jamba Juice.
I know it's probably the worst thing I could order
and super not healthy, and super fattening,
but I loved every minute of it.
Mmmm...so delicious.

I rarely get Jamba Juice because for some reason
even though I live in the heart of yuppy shopping meca
they've yet to see fit to build one within 25 minutes of me.
So since I was in Ft. Worth this afternoon/evening
with my dad helping with another ministry dinner
and there was a Jamba about 3 blocks away from
the country club we were at,
we managed to fit that into the schedule.
And I'll say it again
it was SO YUM.

 These prints were hanging in the bathroom at the country club.
I so wanted to steal them.

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