Friday, October 21, 2011


Best day ever.

The company my Boy works for
does things every so often as perks for their employees.
So this month they told everyone that they were going
to rent out Six Flags for employees only and everyone
got to bring their family or girlfriend/boyfriend to join in the fun!

So after hanging out with Jean and the Boy all morning,
we dropped her off at the airport (the only sad part of today)
and headed for Six Flags! :)
We got in free, they had a huge yummy dinner for free,
they gave everyone 20 "daffy ducks" to spend in the park,
and noooo lines at the rides! :)

I had so much fun,
met lots of people that my boy works with
screamed loud on lots of rides (the poor boys ears),
didn't go into a single haunted house,
squeezed his arm tight on the scary rides
(I generally dislike roller coasters. A lot.)
aaaaand we rode the swings (TWICE)

He is so much my favorite,
and I love every second I get to spend with him.


  1. That's so cool! I hate roller coasters but I LOVE the swings!! :) We went to Fiesta Texas two times this summer. So much fun! :)