Tuesday, October 4, 2011


You know that big sigh of contentment
that comes after a huge adrenaline rush and
accomplishing a mountain of things?

Well, today was an adrenaline rush
accomplishing oh so much
and sigh of relief kind of day :)

I was supposed to have two portrait sessions today
but this afternoon one client called and 
postponed their shoot
so I just had one photoshoot
a billion errands
53 emails to reply to
a blog post to write
and a trip to prepare for.

And I did it.
Praise the Lord for all the encouragement
He's sent my way the last few days that's left me
feeling very motivated to get things done!
Something that I hadn't been feeling very much here recently.

Topped the day off with $1.99 schlotzky's with the fam
(happy 40th anniversary schlotzkys!)
and now I'm going to knit (yes, I knit, and no I'm not 72)
and probably talk to my boy at some point :)


  1. Congrats on getting all that done! That's such a cute baby!! Love his/her little grin. :)

  2. aww cute pictures :) You are so beautiful jessica! Love how free you look here :)

    Good job on a successful day!