Monday, September 5, 2011


Last day in sad.
We started off early with a girls breakfast at SB
and then grocery shopping, where I managed to run over my foot
with the cart several times, almost knock over a display of food,
and bang my shin on the cart while pushing it.
So so graceful of me... :)

We crammed in as much happiness and fun
as we could during the afternoon.
The whole family came to Bethany's house for our
"indoor Labor Day picnic" (it was cold outside!)
and then afterwards we went on a walk along the canal
through downtown Indianapolis.
We took pictures, I raced Josiah (he won),
and enjoyed the gorgeous "fallish" weather that we were in.

By 5:30 it was time for the bf and I to
load up and head to the airport...
We flew home through the sunset,
my absolute favorite time of day to fly.

It was the loveliest of weekends,
and I'm so sad that it has to be over,
but so grateful and happy that it happened! :)

I like these girls...

...and these boys :)


  1. :) those pics are really cute!!!

  2. Poor Pip...I didn't have a picture with him in it. Def like him too! :)