Friday, September 2, 2011


Got up eeeaaarrrly this morning
(like 4:50am to my body kind of early)
to go have breakfast with my Evy friend and meet her new little boy.

The bf and I got to hang out with Evy and her husband Tim
(and Sophia--so glad you were there!)
for a good part of the morning before we had to drive
back to Fishers, IN for all the other things we had going on that day.

Activities included--glasses shopping, birthday shopping,
trying a yummy new fro-yo place, watching a movie,
playing catch in the backyard, big family dinner (homemade pizza!)
story-telling, ping-pong, and a wii tennis tournament.

Pretty fun day all in all :)


  1. and learning new wii tennis awesomeness skills from a pro

  2. Obvs Bethany, I did so well because of your expert demonstration ;)