Monday, August 29, 2011


this afternoon while editing and loved every minute of it.
Baucham is one of my absolute favorite preachers
and this message was particularly encouraging and challenging.

A few favorite quotes that I scribbled down while
listening this afternoon were:
A reverent woman lives "as though she conducts herself with
the understanding of God's holy and all seeing presence."

A reverent woman also "Conducts herself in such a way that her
goal is to bring honor to God and not attention to herself."

As a woman, "I have the most incredible calling in the world.
There is no higher calling than that of being a wife and mother.
God has blessed me with this body to bring life in the world...
and through the investment of my life I have the opportunity
to shape world changers."

Worked next to these beauties all day :)


  1. Oh goodness my family LOVES Voddie Baucham!!! He has such a gift for thorough teaching of the Word and he explains it in a way that it makes sense and stays in your mind!! I haven't heard the message you mentioned before so I'll have to listen to that some time soon. My favorite of his is "Why I Believe the Bible." Sooooo good!!

  2. I love both photos. So much dreamy sunlight. =) Love the notes you scribbled down...I love Jasmine's book, too. Her style of writing is really convicting & inspiring. Blessings!! -E