Saturday, July 2, 2011


Happy Birthday to my favorite dad!

We celebrated today at my grandparents house
with swimming, pool playing (I beat;),
mexican food, and ice-cream.
All with the people I love best.

Told you this weekend was gonna be awesome :)

p.s. tonight, someone said something about August
being "next month" and I couldn't believe it!
How can we already be halfway thru the year?! :P

disclaimer: so normally the rule is that my self portrait and my POTD
has to be taken by me. but tonight my littlest bro lawson was walking around
taking pictures and when he got done he was so proud of the ones he had taken
and told me that I should "use one of them on my authentic blog."
and good grief--how can I refuse an adorable request like that?!
besides, look at what a talented photog he is ;)

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