Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Had lunch with a friend
at California Pizza Kitchen and loved
catching her up on my life + hearing all about the
little boy that's about to become a part of her and her husbands life.
(yay for babies!)

Then met the grandparents with my family
for an impromptu dinner out.
I just love being with my family :)

And now I'm off to pack and get ready for a
surprise birthday adventure with my almost 18 yr old sister.
We leave tomorrow morning and she has no clue where we're going...
and it's driving her nuts.

Ha. I love surprises ;)

Driving around with my favorite littles in the car ;)

Sam had 36 crackers with his bowl of chili tonight.
mmhhhmmm.  We counted.


  1. Aaaah, I MISS YOUR FAMILY! The first picture is just priceless...

  2. Lawson and Emma are SO adorable!