Tuesday, June 21, 2011


First day of Summer and Summer internships started today!
This is week one of 3 (possibly 4)
and we're already having fun :)

We braved the dreadful heat + humidity tonight
(seriously Texas--95 degrees at 8 o'clock??)
for a super fun "senior" shoot.
And then cooled off afterwards with ice-cream.

p.s. ice-cream in a cone tastes about ten times better
than ice-cream in a bowl.  It really does.
p.p.s. rocky road is the best :)

The yum strawberries that were a part of our dinner.  Aren't they pretty??


  1. I'm so glad Hannah is interning with you! Y'all have fun! :D

  2. Ooohhh now I really wish I could be there!! Maybe someday!! :-)