Thursday, June 16, 2011


After work this morning
I decided that this afternoon should be spent cleaning.
I've been dying to do a deep cleaning on my room
(I don't know if that's weird or not--but really, I have been dying to do it.)
So I did :)
Cleaned out my closet + dresser, got rid of a bunch of clothes.
Cleaned out my desk
dusted and vacuumed
and now I just want to sit and admire it all.
Because there's noooothing better than a sparkly room :)

Tonight after dinner on our nightly walk
Sam and I decided that we were going to talk ONLY
in pig latin to each other for the remainder of the evening.
And we did it.
It got supremely irritating...but it was also pretty funny to hear us ;)

this is my new all-time favorite picture of my all-time favorite boy.
snaps, he's cute.

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