Friday, June 3, 2011


This morning I got to watch
my littlest brother, Lawson, play in
his very first golf tournament.

He's so cute and little, and so good...
It was SO much fun watching him.
And he tied for 4th in his division.
(prooouuud sister right here)
He'll be one of the pro's someday
so if you're smart, you'll wanna get his autograph now ;)

Then we fit some more swimming in this afternoon
(we really don't go swimming ALL the time...
it just seems like it sometimes ;)

And then tonight Sarah and I went and hung
out with my college and career
group from church (+ some)
played ultimate frisbee
(my team won. both times ;)
ate pizza
hung out
and watched a movie.
It was lovely.

little baby kitten sleeping in my lap during the movie was soooo much happiness :)

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