Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today was one of those days wherein
nothing particularly wonderful happened...
but it was completely wonderful all the same :)

All my fam was gone the whole day except for little Emma.
So after grocery shopping this morning,
and cleaning the house for company tomorrow,
we spent most of the afternoon painting nails
and watching Dick Van Dyke reruns.

Then we grabbed Mcdonalds for dinner
and took it to the park for a date night ;)

Pretty sure swings are the ultimate date destination.
Not even kidding.
I'm gonna be a cheap date someday...just sayin.

Walking home from the park tonight
Emma says: "This...was the best day ever.
Have you ever had your best day, Jessica?"
Me: "Um, I'm not sure."
Emma: " You'll know when you're about to die
what your best day was."
I love her little girl thoughts so much.