Friday, April 8, 2011


I must admit, I spent about half the day stressing about things
I needed to get done, worrying over money issues,
and feeling sick about so many things that are out of my control
that I reaaallly wish I could control.
But I've been trying to focus on gratefulness here lately,
especially in the moments that I feel the least inclined to be grateful.

So today I am grateful for:
Getting all the important things checked off on my to-do list
A spot.less. room
Three different emails that were just about the
sweetest things I've ever read.
(Thank you friends for allowing Christ's love to flow through you to me!)
A clean and tidy desk.
My dad coming home after being gone all week,
and getting to talk to him for over an hour, just catching up.
A long walk  at dusk with my mom.
And most of all I'm grateful for circumstances that continually
direct me to my only hope,
Jesus Christ. 

ah, yes--and weeds that pass as flowers ;)

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