Sunday, April 3, 2011


Church this morning was so good.
The teaching in both Sunday school and church
were focused on the same thing--
God's glory.

I am nothing--Christ is everything.
And every person, situation, and circumstance,
He has allowed into my life, is specifically for
the purpose of furthering His glory.

The sobering thought is:
What am I doing that's being a glory dimmer?

In other news--
Thanks to the help of a friend,
("help" as in--he pretty much did them all while I watched)
after today I'm almost
compleeetely done with my taxes!
woohoo! :)

Currently reading--and I can't recommend it high enough. It's taking me forever to get through it,
just because it's so rich and convicting.

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  1. I have heard that book is good! Almost bought it! :)