Friday, April 1, 2011


Last day with the interns
was jam packed with cramming their
brains with all the last minute things I remembered
to tell them ;)

We ate frozen yogurt,
finished up blog design,
and had as much fun as possible in the meantime.

This is my last internship for a while,
I'm going to miss having new
people to hang out with all the time ;)

mmmm...yes. except in my fam it's more like, "see ya in a few hours" ;)


  1. like this one. And I think I am getting this selfie thng down. I use a remote, and I tried it in mannual mode but I always get the settings not quite right so I use noflash mode and just use my 18-55mm lens. Though so excited am getting the goodie but cheapy, 50 F1.8mm lens.

  2. Hahahaha!!! I love the comic!!! So like big families!! Hahahahaha.......