Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today was crazy.
Waaaay to much happened to type out here,
but the highlights were...
I went hiking down in the gorge with friends
in my cowboy boots on the slippery rocks and mud
(let me tell you friends, cowboy boots
were NOT made to hike in.)
And because I was enjoying myself so much
I ran late for my flight back home, had to run
around like a crazy person trying get packed up in
time for the airport.
Got there out of breathe and exhausted...
only to find my flight was delayed 2 hours.

I missed my connecting flight in Chicago,
but they were able to put me on a later one.

Sat next to an Indian man on my middle leg of my flight
who had an extremely thick accent
and after finding out that I'm a photographer had a million
questions about my business, problem was
I could hardly understand a word he said.

Made it to Dallas almost two hours later than I was
supposed to get in, only to find
(after standing at baggage claim for almost 30 minutes)
that they'd lost my bag.
Traveling is always such and adventure ;)

And now I'm going to sleep for about 12 hours
and hopefully feel like a new person ;)

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